A Mother's Perspective

November, 2017

One of the most worthwhile projects I have completed with my limited spare time over the past three years has been going through our family photos. These photos were taken in the years before digital cameras so everything is in negative and printed form.

I have scanned the photos and negatives and created jpg copies of these memories of our family. The photos have been stored on a flash drive in our safety deposit box.

Going through these photos has brought back so many memories of the great times we had as a complete family. Remembering the interactions of Mike and his sister, both having fun, looking so happy. There are lots of photos of our family camping trips, a highlight of each summer.

This was a very important project for me as I didn’t want to lose these photo memories for us, for our daughter and for our grandchildren.

It definitely takes time to go through photos, print or digital, and store them in a safe place but it is something that everyone should do as your photos cannot be replaced if lost or destroyed.

Bench in Mike’s memory at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Association (NIWRA) in Errington, B.C.

Mike's bench.


Remembering Mike on his favourite beach.